Dale Speaking is a full service commercial, campus, CBC and satellite radio promotion and digital music marketing company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dale Peters

Dale Peters - Dale Speaking

Dale Richard Peters is owner, HR, payroll, tax collector, manager, talent approver and voice of reason at Dale Speaking Ltd. He also works with radio stations, personal managers and label artists, as well as seeks out business opportunities that make sense. By all means, he is Dale Speaking.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but now splitting his time between the Niagara South Shores and Toronto, Dale Peters began as a mohawk-coiffed punk in Calgary, an art student and electrician but found his true calling at a record store. From there, he shared his enthusiasm for music which led him down a long road with sales, marketing and promotions in the majors (RCA and BMG to be exact) before founding Dale Speaking in 2004.

Dale introduced Canadian icons past and present to radio (from Feist to The Sheepdogs), gave bands their first #1 (including UK rockers Bush and California act Rival Sons), but is happiest building an artist from the ground up. He travels the country at least twice a year to visit clients and radio family and is also embarking on a new venture with two companies in the publishing field.

Dale’s goal for the company is to educate the industry and to break new Canadian artists. He knows how to do this and want to share it with Canada and the world. Working with great artists and managers through solid marketing strategies, online and personal contact is his approach to building a career in the music industry.

Memorable Moments at Dale Speaking

  • Watching my staff grow daily and learnng from them this is the meal for me.
  • The gravy is hearing a song we worked in a store, on the radio or in an elevator.
  • Working with Kermit the Frog.
  • Continued realtionship building with our radio family than PR friends and radio family.
  • Having the occasional team lunch or drink together. Sometimes we see a movie or go bowling.
  • Speaking at Ryerson University and TARA (The Audio Recording Academy.)
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